Jemstech is proficient in creating static and dynamic websites, we enable you to converse with our professionals for better quality, our professionals are fully aware with modern tactics like WordPress, CSS, .Net, PHP and Joomla. Whether you need a small static website, or you need a huge dynamic website with complex functionalities or you need a landing page, JemsTech is here to serve you. Every business demands website for online development of their product, technological growth and advancement turns the interest of peoples from newspapers and directories to online presence of product, Online websites now becomes the hub of more perspective business, so the absence of your website will probably cause you to loss number of customers, customers comes to website to start business relations. so the website must be attractive and full of information, jemstech owns a team of professional designers who are proficient to create broad range of websites and designs. Creatively constructed lively architecture, useful functionalities, and trendy features like polls, e-newsletters, forums and message boards are the key characteristics of our website designs. jemstech enables you to solidify your brand in customer’s mind and stand out your brand in the line of competitors

  • We start working with collecting and discussing data from client to develop initial design and mockups. Later, we decide the most suitable tools and techniques to complete the project.
  • After that a functional website is created according to design mockups from prototype.
  • Before final launching of website, we offer complete quality assurance and testing to fix design and development issues.
  • At final stage we use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to upload the website on customer server. We provide design and development solutions for both dynamic and static websites. Whereas, major technologies we use are WordPress, CSS, .Net, PHP and Joomla.
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